Software overview


Forum is a web-based information management system which provides schools, pupil referral units (and other organisations providing individualised support programmes to children), with responsive data input and analysis for children with personalised learning programmes.

Forum was conceived and developed 2013 – 2017 by Inaura school, an independent special school founded by Inaura Charity.

Forum enables teaching teams and other professionals to plan, support, track, and celebrate their achievements, and respond effectively to their unmet needs.

The app allows staff to record the children's narratives, and plan, track, evaluate, and share their progress in learning and personal development. The app is designed to capture the full story behind each child’s learning journey combined with evidenced assessment and progress data.

Forum enables schools to demonstrate they are evaluating and engaging with the social and emotional needs of their children because promoting well-being it is an essential aspect in enabling children to achieve their full potential.

flow diagram showing data entry types described in text.

Information is submitted to Forum in the form of notes, forms, frameworks, and records. The system provides core forms for planning and tracking the  learning curriculum, well-being, health, and many other school management purposes. Schools can choose how narratives are tagged and rated, and analyse ratings to understand individual students' progress and group trends. 

This software specification describes the current configuration.  We are continuing to develop further features based on user feedback.