The Forum Champion

The introduction of new software and processes is a substantial undertaking - uploading all your existing data, configuring the system to do what you want (options and settings), training staff to use it effectively, and providing senior manager support and monitoring.

Your school's policies underpin how you want to use Forum - these may need to be amended to reflect the new opportunities and requirements Forum creates.

We believe successful cost-effective implementation depends on establishing from the outset at least one member of staff who is:- 

  - fully conversant with the system,
  - enthusiastic, and knowledgeable about how to maximise the benefits it brings.
  - recognised in the school as the go-to person for Forum when other staff need support, reassurance,
    guidance or encouragement.
  - involved in its further development and in guiding senior managers in its application

We call this person the Forum 'Champion'. We will provide them with training and support whenever they need it.

Champions will also: -

  - participate in at least one off-site training day.
  - disseminate training and co-ordinate a proactive staff response.
  - participate in consortium discussions on-line.