Membership benefits

What does being a member mean?

Each partner school will nominate a ‘Forum champion’. This will be someone with real enthusiasm for the project and as technically competent as possible – but advance IT skills will not be required. The role of the champion is:

  • To participate in training and support so that they can actively develop the system for their school, and achieve Forum’s maximum potential
  • Work with the school collective to disseminate training, and co-ordinate a proactive staff response.
  • Participate in consortium discussions (online) to agree what the next stage of development needs to be – e.g. we want an end of term report module to do this. 
  • Inaura’s Development Consultant will  provide co-ordination and initial path-finding


  • Everything you need in a school information system except the high prices
  • Co-own the software
  • Remain in control of strategic development and fees
  • Collaborate with other schools to develop management software that meets your needs 
  • Receive a share of the consortium's annual surplus

And of course enjoy the improvements in academic learning, student personal development and staff professional development

How the software is funded