How the software will be funded

How the software is funded

The annual subscription is made up of two parts, a core annual fee and a development annual fee.

[If the consortium wishes, there may also be additional standalone developments during the year, if costed and agreed by partner schools].

Annual Core Fee

  • The core annual fee will be set by partner schools. The expectation is that this core fee will remain the same year on year (adjusted only for Inflation).
  • It is open to the consortium to charge different core subscriptions for founding partner schools, future partner schools, and schools other than partner schools who wish to use the software.

Annual development fee

  • Partner schools will propose development plans based on their needs. 
  • All developments will be reviewed and costed, and a development plan agreed.
  • The costs will be shared across the consortium partner schools in the form of an annual development fee. 

These fees cover third-party technical services costs and consortium overheads.  Based on our tech partner’s rates, the annual core fee will be £400 per year. We think an additional development cost of around £500 per year per school would be reasonable and affordable.  

Software ownership